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Why Work With Us?

Richard created an integrated vision in his approach to conducting Real Estate business, Combining all of the different aspects of Real Estate Investing & Asset Management into one cohesive and coordinated platform.


Richard’s construction experience is quite extensive. He has rehabilitated thousands of apartment units as well as single-family residences and commercial office buildings including “ground-up” development projects. Additionally, Richard has developed the expertise through experience to turn-around troubled or chronically problematic management situations.


He's even had success with properties located in some of the most undesirable neighborhoods in California. Due to extensive management experience, Richard has been retained in nearly 200 California State Court receivership appointments throughout Southern California. Such appointments have been for the benefit of most major lending institution in Southern California.

Given the dynamic current real estate market place coupled with Richard’s knowledge and visionary insights and innovative concepts, Richard’s real estate investments have consistently been proven profitable. Each project is carefully analyzed to assure realistic expectations.

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